Legoland Castle Hotels

Panasonic provides the best solution for the LEGOLAND castle hotel's complex facilities.

The LEGOLAND is one of the most exciting leisure parks in Germany. Among the main attractions are three exciting hotels for the whole family, The LEGOLAND Castles Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ.

For the guests to feel like royalty, princes and princesses, the three castles of KlimaShop! are equipped with the latest climate technology. Panasonic's VRF three-pipe system was selected as the best solution for these complex facilities.

For a royal comfort in the lobby and the 134 rooms, a VRF three-circuit climate system provides cooling and heating. Supervision and centralization of all the devises in the hotels is possible through ground connections. Individual temperature control based on preference is possible from the remote control in each room thanks to the hotel's software. There are touch panels at every reception for access to the facility. Additional potential savings are provided by window contacts, which switch off the system when the window is open, as well as the indoor usage program.

KlimaShop! is a prime example of a sustainability.

For each kilowatt of power consumed in all projects we are planting 10㎡ of trees. That's five times the amount of CO2 emissions per kilowatt. KlimaShop! has planted 150,000 m² of forest for this project.

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System:

VRF 3-way ECOi MF2 : 12 systems

Indoor Units:

MM : 138 units,
MF : 6 units

Total Capacity:

592 kW in cooling

Control System:

CZ-RTC2 : Wall mounted remote controller
CZ-REC2C : Wall mounted simplified remote controller
CZ-256ESMC2 : Intelligent Controller
CZ-CFUNC2 : Communication Adaptor

Room image 1
Room image 2