Detection of the level of activity  enables precise power saving

Detection of the Level of Activity Enables Precise Power Saving

The presence or absence of people at their desks and the level of activity in the office are detected in real-time. The set temperature is automatically adjusted to lower power consumption. A study shows that energy-savings of up to 15% are possible when using econavi compared to not using econavi.

Human activity and presence detection at your office

Econavi systems maintain optimal office temperatures all day long.

In the morning

Thorough cooling when there is a high level of activity

In the afternoon

Reduced cooling when there are fewer people

At Night

Automatic Thermo Off depending on onditions at the end of the day*

Example of Human Activity and Presence Detection

Activity detection / Presence detection

Wide Detection Area

Pillars, walls, cabinets and other fittings obstruct the sensor, reducing the area of detection and lowering the energy-saving effect. Taking into consideration blind spots, Panasonic enables the optimum layout for sensors in any office.

Wide detection area
Panasonic enables use with  various types of indoor units

Panasonic Enables Use with
Various Types of Indoor Units

Providing outstanding energy-saving performance, Panasonic's inverter VRF System can be connected to ECONAVI to detect when energy is being wasted. ECONAVI senses the presence or absence of people and the level of activity in each area of an office. When unnecessary heating
or cooling is detected, indoor units are individually controlled to match office conditions for energy-saving operation.

Power  consumption