Since marketing our first room air conditioner model in 1958, we have worked constantly to improve the lives of people worldwide through our air conditioning business, in order to contribute to society. These efforts bring material form to our company's basic principles.

“Create comfortable, healthy and Eco friendly space”
Recently, a growing awareness and interest in air quality is expanding on a global scale. We are targeting to contribute the society and deliver the highest satisfaction to the people around the world by providing more comfortable, reliable, safe air quality and space as well as environmentally friendly energy saving.

In order to achieve this, we are offering new systems that range from home air conditioners to large air conditioning facilities, and innovative systems that combine gas and electricity. We are also actively applying cloud technologies to propose total solutions that link products and services. By utilizing Cross-Value Innovation to incorporate the strengths of business partners who have extensive knowledge in their fields, we continue to create new value.

Through activities such as these, we are bringing better lifestyles to people everywhere, in pursuit of "A Better Life, A Better World." Please rest assured that you can look forward to a steady flow of surprises from Panasonic in the future.

Yoshiaki Sawada, Director
Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions Business Division

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2-3-1-1 Noji Higashi, Kusatsu-city, Shiga, Japan


Yoshiaki Sawada