French Winery

Panasonic provides cooling power for French winery

Gennevilliers, France, 30th April 2014 – A winery based in the small village Boutiers-Saint-Trojan, France, is benefitting from a Panasonic VRF system that supplies the exact temperature requirements for the wine-making process and they're getting outstanding results.

The winemaking process is a delicate and controlled art. The winery owners had been using electricity to power the coolers required for the important fermentation process. This traditional method proved inadequate with fluctuating power supplies provoking power losses which affected the smooth running of the harvest.

After some research, a winery consulting firm, Vinithermo Consulting, specified Panasonic’s ECO G High Performance VRF System as the ideal solution.

Client’s Voice

Mr. Serge Renaud and Mr. Damien

Winery owner

The transition from cooling to heating is performed quickly and without complication. The installation has worked throughout the harvest period of 2013 to the highest levels we have achieved and offered a good level of performance. Huge gas and energy savings have already been made in our first harvest since installing this unit with an expected return on investment being achieved within a short three years.