Xativa Apartments

Our environmental consideration and energy efficiency led to us being chosen.

This unnamed residential development in the Spanish town of Xativa, Valencia was launched in 2013 by Arquitectura Aacional Desarrollos Inmobiliarios SL.Comprising seven floors with 176 private residential apartments, it is one of the first buildings in Spain to receive an A-class designation for energy efficiency. It also boasts the country’s first residential application of gas heat pump (GHP) technology.

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System:

Gas-driven VRF 2-way : ECO G : 8 systems

Cooling Capacity:

624 kW / 177 USRT

Indoor Units:

Hydrokit water heat exchanger : 8 units

Control System:

Wired remoter controller : 8 units

Client’s Voice

Mr. Juan Canto

Mr. Juan Cantó

Decision Maker

After carefully investigating the needs of our residential complex*, Panasonic technicians recommended a solution of ECO G VRF air conditioning systems driven by gas heat pumps (GHPs). The Panasonic systems fitted perfectly with our vision for designing flexible, open-plan apartments that support 21st-century lifestyles. As well as enabling us to recycle recovered heat, these eco-friendly units simplified the installation process by eliminating the need for solar panels.
One of the keys to rational architecture is to consider energy efficiency from the very first stage. A computer simulation revealed that the new ECO G VRF systems would use around 70% less energy than conventional systems, which is amazing! This incredible energy efficiency was one of the reasons our new apartment complex achieved a Grade ‘A’ Energy Performance Certificate-the highest official energy rating available in Spain.

*The eight blocks of this 17,000m² residential complex comprise 176 apartments with an average floor area of 95m².