Bekasi Hospital Indonesia

They based their decision on their need for an efficient air conditioning system with central control capabilities.

The Bekasi Hospital is a government hospital that serves the community of the Indonesian city of Bekasi, West Java.

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System:

VRF 2-way FSV ME1 series : 42 outdoor units

Cooling Capacity:

1,834 kW / 524 USRT

Indoor Units:

Wall mounted : 135 units
4-way cassette : 128 units
High-static ducted : 20 units

Control System:

Intelligent controller : 2 systems (with web monitoring)
Wired remote controller : 283 units

Client’s Voice

Dr. Hedi Moh Hadiat H.

Dr. Hedi Moh Hadiat H.

Vice Finance and General Director

For our new hospital block, we sought an efficient and centrally controllable
air conditioning solution.
Among the companies proposing solutions, we felt that Panasonic provided the best quality system. It incorporates the latest technology, it can be controlled centrally, and it runs efficiently, without any hassles.
This year we are building another eight floors onto the hospital. We will definitely consider choosing Panasonic again.