Persada Hospital Indonesia

High product quality and the willingness to meet demands led to them selecting Panasonic.

The Persada Hospital in the city of Malang is a modern five-story medical facility that covers an area of one hectare. The hospital currently runs three operating theatres, an imaging and radiology centre, and a number of intensive care units, pediatric wards, and in-patient clinics.

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System:

VRF 2-way FSV ME1 series : 21 outdoor units

Cooling Capacity:

989 kW / 281 USRT

Indoor Units:

High-& mid-static ducted : 116 units

Control System:

P-AIMS basic software with communication adapter : 1 system
Wired remote controller : 116 units

Client’s Voice

Client’s Voice

Dr. Kushandayani, MMRS


Mr. Rayendra Pradipta

Finance and Administration Director

Dr. Mohamad Hidayat, SpOT

Prof. Dr.

Trusting the Panasonic reputation for quality, we gladly agreed to the VRF system proposed to us.
This cost-effective solution met our requirements for units to be individually operable and for them to integrate with a single air-cooling unit.

Because this was our first experience with a VRF system and because the units had to be customised to fit different room layouts, installation took a little longer than anticipated. Nevertheless, we were satisfied with the end results and we look forward to receiving reliable and timely maintenance support from Panasonic in Indonesia.