Hotel Claris Spain

Module flexibility and energy-savings were highly evaluated.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Hotel Claris was established on the remodeled premises of a grand 19th century mansion. The five-star Grand Luxe hotel boasts 124 rooms and suites which are decorated with unique works of art that create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. In keeping with this theme of high-class comfort, the hotel sought a comprehensive Panasonic VRF system when renovating its rooms in 2012.

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System:

VRF 2-way ECOi ME1 & LE1 series:11 systems
VRF 3-way ECOi ME1 series: 14 systems

Cooling Capacity:

769 kW / 218 USRT

Indoor Units:

High-& mid-static ducted:23 units
Slim low-static ducted:189 units

Control System:

Wired controller:233 units
Intelligent controller:1 system
KNX/EIB IFU PAW-AC-KNX-128:2 systems

A High-Class Modular Air Conditioning Solution

Hotel Claris was built in 1992 behind the curtain wall façade of a neoclassical mansion that dates back to 1883. Major refurbishment of this five-star Grand Luxe-class hotel took place in 2012, with the installation of Panasonic ECOi air conditioning systems.
The main challenge for this project was to replace the old air conditioning system without affecting the day-to-day operations of the hotel. The client was also concerned with reducing energy consumption, improving the comfort level of the temperature in the rooms, and maintaining a quiet environment throughout the hotel. Also influencing the hotel’s decision was Panasonic’s guarantee of excellent after-sales service and reliable 24-hour operation throughout the year.

For a hotel of this type, an effective heat-recovery system is vital. Combining smartly with Panasonic’s two-way design, the heat-recovery system helped to reduce fixed costs without compromising hotel standards. The modularity of Panasonic’s ECOi systems allowed them to be installed on a floor-by-floor basis, without affecting normal hotel operations. 

Client’s Voice

Mr. Jordi Clos

Mr. Jordi Clos

President, Derby Hotels Collection

Hotel Claris in Barcelona is part of the Derby Hotels Collection of art-themed luxury hotels. When upgrading the air conditioning systems at the Claris, a flexible, modular solution was sought that would allow separate floor-by-floor installation of indoor units. Panasonic stepped up with the perfect solution to a challenging installation setting.
The hotel’s previous water chiller system was unable to support simultaneous heating and cooling and it did not allow guests to adjust the room temperature. Panasonic sales staff therefore proposed a solution of VRF ECOi units that employ heat recovery to enable heating or cooling of two rooms sharing the same system.
Panasonic’s duct-type indoor units help to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the hotel’s stylish rooms and common areas. Our choice of the Panasonic solution was further bolstered by its competitive cost and promise of significant energy savings.