Areeya Thailand

From installation to after-sales support, our services were greatly praised.

Areeya Property PLC is a publicly listed Bangkok-based property developer established in 2000. As well as selling land for development, the company builds residential dwellings and sells already developed residential real estate. Today the company focuses on selling modern-styled townhouses and condominiums located centrally in Bangkok.

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System:

VRF 2-way FSV ME1 series:19 systems
Single split: 67 systems

Cooling Capacity:


Indoor Units:

4-way cassette: 46 units
Mid-static ducted: 39 units

Control System:

P-AIMS basic software with
communication adapter: 1 system
Wired remote controller: 46 units
Wireless remote controller: 39 units

Client’s Voice

Mr. Wisit Laohapoonrungsee

Mr. Wisit Laohapoonrungsee

Chairman and CEO

“We’ve been using Panasonic systems for over five years now. Panasonic provides after-sales maintenance on a regular basis, and we’ve been extremely satisfied with everything.”

Having had a previous positive experience with Panasonic on a condominium project, Areeya had no hesitation in seeking a Panasonic air conditioning solution for its Bangkok headquarters. Areeya wanted a sophisticated product that would save energy and match the company’s eco-friendly global outlook. Panasonic was the one company that could be trusted to deliver a reliable and high-quality solution in a timely manner.

For B2B solutions, quality of service is paramount. Areeya found Panasonic’s service support to be outstanding from start to finish. At the beginning of the project, highly experienced Panasonic engineers assisted with selecting products and designing a solution to match the client’s needs. Panasonic’s new FSV systems were not only easy to install, they also offered the key benefit of being centrally controllable.
After installation, Panasonic sent a team of quality control experts to thoroughly assess the temperature-control functioning of every single air conditioning unit. Such ongoing attention to detail has made Areeya a highly satisfied customer.