Parque Technólogico de Andalucía Spain

A highly efficient cooling system was the reason for their selection.

The Parque Tecnólogico de Andalucía (PTA) in Málaga, southern Spain is a technology park established with the aim of simulating industry in the territory of Andalusia. PTA is home to over 500 companies working in the fields of IT and telecommunications, including globally known names such as Oracle, Ericsson, and Huawei. Since 1995, PTA has been the world headquarters of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP).

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System:

VRF 2-way ECOi ME1 series : 20 systems

Cooling Capacity:

908 kW / 258 USRT

Indoor Units:

Mid-static ducted : 74 units

Control System:

Intelligent controller : 1 system (with web monitoring)

Technology at Work
Technology at Work

Technology at Work

The main challenge in this project was finding the most efficient heating and cooling solution for such a large glass-clad building.
There were also ecological considerations, as the premises are located near several small lakes that host migratory birds. Furthermore, it was necessary for the installed system to be modular and flexible in design, so that tenants could adapt their office space to suit changing needs. The client, PTA, was highly satisfied with the seamless installation of a cost-effective Panasonic 2-way ECOi system comprising 20 outdoor units.

Client’s Voice

Mr. Fernando Garrido

Mr. Fernando Garrido

Building Manager

For our multi-tenant office building in Málaga, we selected a Panasonic system based on the recommendations of the engineering studio that carried out the project. The efficiency of the exterior units even under partial loads was a decisive factor for us, as was the interconnectivity of the indoor units. Being able to monitor energy consumption and integrate it into the centralized control system has allowed us to bill tenants separately and accurately for their energy use.
Going into this project, we didn’t yet know the make-up of tenants. We therefore needed a modular system with a degree of flexibility. Panasonic’s solution consisted of running refrigerated circuits in all orientations and installing ducted interior units. This solved the problem of supporting flexible modular office layouts. Since the installation, we have been impressed with the system’s overall performance.