Le Centurie Centro Commerciale Italy

High flexibility, reliability, and staff response led to their decision.

Opened in 2012, Le Centurie is a shopping complex located in the province of Padua in northeastern Italy. So that it could integrate with a surrounding area rich in historical buildings, the mall was built primarily with natural materials. Just over half of its total area of 40,000 m² is devoted to merchandising, with 40 commercial spaces offering fashion, electronics, homeware, and health and beauty products.

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System:

VRF 3-way ECOi MF1 series : 18 systems

Cooling Capacity:

656 kW / 186 USRT

Indoor Units:

4-way cassette : 6 units
High-& mid-static ducted : 51 units

Ventilation System:

ERV ZDY2 series : 46 units

Control System:

Wired remote controller : 51 units
T10 connection for ERV : 36 points
Intelligent controller : 2 systems

Client’s Voice

Mr. Roberto Sambugaro

Mr. Roberto Sambugaro

Engineer, E.C. Engineering studio

The main challenges in selecting an air conditioning system for this shopping mall were finding one that could maintain a certain degree of flexibility and give our client the perception of independent air conditioning and heating whilst taking into account the energy costs that must be met by each store. After evaluating a range of systems, we chose Panasonic products for their flexibility and reliability as well as for the availability of on-the-spot assistance from qualified Panasonic personnel. We are very satisfied with our choice and intend to adopt Panasonic products in future shopping mall projects.