Shippensburg University United States

Cost-performance efficiency was the reason for their selection.

Shippensburg University is a public university located on a rural campus in south-central Pennsylvania. Founded in 1871 as Cumberland Valley State Normal School, the university serves the educational, cultural, and social needs of students from all over the world. Since 1985, many of the university’s original historic buildings have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

The Specifications of the Selected Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System:

VRF 3-way ECOi MF1 series : 55 systems

Cooling Capacity:

1,498 kW / 426 USRT

Indoor Units:

1-way cassette : 235 units
4-way cassette : 61 units
Slim low-static ducted : 142 units
Low-silhouette ducted : 74 units
Wall mounted : 18 units

Control System:

Intelligent controller : 3 systems
Communication adapter : 3 systems
Simplified remote controller : 530 units

Client’s Voice

An Ideal Choice for Educational Institutions

A Panasonic VRF system was recently installed in one of Shippensburg’s student residences. Having earlier considered a four-pipe hydronic system, the university found the Panasonic solution to be more cost effective. The system allows each dormitory room to be heated or cooled as needed, and heat recovery makes the entire building highly energy efficient. Panasonic’s local representative, Envirocon Associates, Inc., designed and implemented the project. As well as ensuring correct installation, Envirocon performed extensive system diagnostics and programming. Shippensburg’s satisfaction is evident in its plans to install Panasonic ECOi VRF systems in three further buildings.