3Way Type

Cooling Heating Type
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling for total control
  • Reduced gas consumption by Miller-cycle engine
  • Reduced electrical power consumption by using DC Motors
  • Part load efficiencies increased
  • Connectability increased to up to 24 indoor units
  • 145 m maximum allowable piping length, L1
  • Capacity ratio 50–200%
  • Extended pipe runs (total 780 m)
  • Quiet mode offers a further 2 dB(A) reduction
  • Full heating capacity down to -21°C
  • Option of using LPG as a power supply (increases flexibility and avoids problems of potential site restrictions in the future.The purer fuel is also excellent for further reductions in CO2 missions)
  • No defrost cycle
  • 10,000 run hours between engine service intervals (equivalent to one maintenance every 3.2 years*)