4-way cassette

The new 4-way cassette provides a neat fit in the ceiling to match modern decor, and uniform cooling throughout the room, plus easy installation.

Air Purification at your office with nanoe™ X (optional)

nanoe™ is a system that uses fine particle ions generated from moisture in the air to form tiny particles from electrically charged water molecules. Filled with OH radicals, these water capsules suppress the activity of pollen (allergens) in the air, and help to eliminate odors.

*nanoe™ X Kit and Corner Panel are required.

Powerful Airflow

The Twisted 3D Blade Fan with compact design can increases airflow.

Wide Flap

Adding a sub flap and widening the main flap have reduced turbulence and increased airflow. Also, the wider angle jetting port allows the airflow to reach as far as five meters.

360° Wide & Comfortable Airflow

Air coming out of the centre of the discharge outlets travels farther. Air is discharged across a wide area from the four sides of the unit. The curves on the room temperature distribution graph expand gently out through 360° in a circle centred on the indoor unit.

Powerful Airflow

Panasonic believes that one of the most important elements of design is that it doesn't interfere with the overall room interior. The flat horizontal design of the 4-way Cassette achieves an elegant, yet simple form. This design allows it to protrude only 33.5 mm from the ceiling, to blend naturally into a variety of interiors, including offices and restaurants.

Easy Installation Design

With conventional models, it was difficult to use tools without damaging the interior. This has been redesigned for easier installation.