Compared to previous models, the 1-fan line-up has dramatically increased. Their compact design simplifies installation.
This has made it possible to use these models in a greater variety of applications. The renewed package air conditioners save space, install easily, and attain high efficiency.

Space Saving Outdoor Unit

Panasonic‘s ingeniously designed outdoor units are compact in size to fit into any space and layout. Its smaller size makes it easy to install even in limited spaces. Flexibility in piping allows more freedom in installation leading to a reduced installation costs.

High Efficiency

The performance of our previous 2-fan models is now achieved by 1-fan models. The Coefficient of performance has been greatly improved to reduce power consumption.

Long Piping

Piping can be extended up to 30m without additional gas charging, and up to 50m with additional gas charging. By giving you more flexibility in positioning the outdoor unit, this gives you a wider range of installation options. No additional gas charging is needed up to 30m.

*For 36-54k Btu/h model.

Refrigerant Charge less Up to 30m

No additional gas charging is needed up to 30m.
Installation is easy and hassle-free.

*For 36-54k Btu/h model.

Flexible 4-way Piping

Piping can be routed in any of four directions.

Easy Installation & Service Maintenance

The PCB inside the outdoor unit have been removed. It’s easy installation and service maintenance.