Management System for the Entire Building

Management System for the Entire Building

The smarter solution to simplify energy management, optimise building efficiency and drive savings.

Plug and Play BMS connection.

With the SE8000, connection to BMS is extremely easy. Better still, a remote controller is all that’s needed to enable use as a stand-alone system. In addition to dramatically reducing the burden on system integrators, this cuts costs.


SE8000 smart controller with direct hub to ZigBee® Pro sensors.
great occupancy and IAQ control.
Ex: Hotel room occupancy check by PIR sensor, IAQ by CO2 sensor, Door / Window contacts.


BACnet connection would be prefferable (BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU could be selectable as an option).


For Schneider Electric BMS connection, Panasonic VRF widgets enable easy Plug and Play.
Better understanding for VRF as a chiller system.

BMS Gateway(MPM)

Multi-Purpose Management devices enable the control, monitoring, and management of entire sites via Schneider Electric’s BMS system.