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Ohter Features

1. On/Off All Air Conditioner Units At Once
Pre-cool your home by switching on all your air conditioner units simultaneously or by group settings.

2. Set Weekly Timer
Set weekly timers for multiple air conditioners that cater to your daily routines.

3. Mode Selection
Adjust your room temperature by selecting from the available operating modes including iAUTO-X, Cool, Dry and Heat*.
* Heat Mode is applicable to heat pump models only.

4. Change Fan Speed
Adjust fan speed as you like or swipe to turn on auto fan mode for automatic adjustment.

5. Change Airflow Direction*
Choose auto or swing (up-down, left-right) mode to manage airflow direction for optimum cooling.
* Left-Right Swing option will be hidden if the model does not have this function such as Standard models.

6. Powerful Mode*
Cool your room quickly with powerful cooling mode on a hot day before you reach home.
* Powerful Feature is not included in most of the countries which includes iAUTO-X. (Except Oceania, Vietnam)


CZ-TACG1 Network Adaptor (Optional)*

CZ-TACG1 network adaptor CZ-TACG1 network adaptor

● Optional RAC Network Adaptor
● Compact size for easy installation
● Available for built-in or exposed installation depending on model type.
* Functionality varies depending on models. Please contact your local dealers for compatible models.

Compatible Device and Browsers

1. Android 4.4 or above
2. IOS 9.0 or above

Please Note:
This is not definitive list of all compatible devices, other similar devices which use supported Operating Systems should also work either via dedicated Apps. Please note that user experience may vary slightly depending on hardware and software combination.