Comfort Cloud App Comfort Cloud App

Convenience at your fingertips Convenience at your fingertips

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Enjoy All The Features of a Remote Control From Your Mobile Device

Panasonic Comfort Cloud Application lets you manage multiple air conditioning units from just one mobile device.

The Smarter Way to Bring Convenience to Your Living Space

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Bedroom of a home with AC installed
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Smart Control

Connect and Control Operation

  • Connect up to 20 units per location.
  • Consolidate the functionality of multiple remote controls into one single device.
Interface of Comfort Cloud App showing multiple AC unit installed in different room in a house

Manage Multiple Units at Once

  • Turn on all AC units simultaneously or by group settings to pre-cool.
  • Set weekly timers for multiple units to cater to your life’s routines.
A lady able to control multiple AC in different rooms in a house

Smart Comfort

Remotely Access All AC Features

Turn ON/OFF your air conditioning units in different rooms while you are away.

A lady in basement parking lot control home indoor temperature through her smartphone

Activate nanoe™ Mode for Fresh and Purified Air

Keep the nanoe™ mode switched ON with cooling function OFF to continuously purify the air in your living space while you are away.

Comfort Cloud App interface showing nanoe mode is turned on in living room

Smart Efficiency

Analyse Energy Usage Patterns

Monitor energy consumption based on different temperature settings.
* Data accuracy of estimated energy consumption is dependent on the quantity of power supply.

Interface of Comfort Cloud App showing the monitoring of energy consumption

Compare Usage History for Better Budget Planning

View energy consumption of multiple or individual units. Compare usage patterns of individual units by day/week/month/year.

Energy consumption comparison by month can be done through Comfort Cloud App

Smart Assist

Notification and Identification of Error Codes*

  • Check error codes on the app for effortless troubleshooting.
  • Allows technicians to easily identify issues.

* Always engage a qualified personnel for repairs/service.

A lady received AC error notification through the Comfort Cloud app

Assign Other Users While You Are Away

  • Register multiple users.
  • Set administrator rights and allow access to other users.
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Other Features

Operation Mode Selection

Adjust room temperature to your preferred operation mode (iAUTO-X, Cool, Dry and Heat*).
*Heat Mode is applicable on heat pump models only.

Control Airflow Direction*

Choose from Auto or Swing (up-down / left-right*) mode to manage airflow direction for optimum cooling.
*Left-Right Swing option is available on selected models.

Change Fan Speed

Adjust to your preferred fan speed or swipe to turn on auto fan mode for automatic adjustment.

Powerful Mode*

Cool your room quickly before reaching home on hot days with Powerful Mode.
* Powerful mode is not available in models with iAUTO-X feature.

CZ-TACG1 Network Adaptor

  • Optional RAC Network Adaptor
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Available for built-in or exposed installation depending on model type.

* Functionality varies depending on models. Please contact your local dealers for compatible models.

Panasonic network adaptor dimension, height 66mm, depth 12mm and weight 36mm

CZ-TACG1 Network Adaptor Specification

Input Voltage

DC 12V

Power Consumption

Max 660mW

Size (H x W x D)

66mm x 36mm x 12mm


Approx. 85g


1 x Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN Standard

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Frequency Range

2.4Ghz band



Connection Diagram

Wireless connection diagram of indoor unit to Panasonic Cloud Server

Note : Panasonic Cloud Server is designed, operated and managed by Panasonic.

Compatible Device and Browsers

  1. iOS 9.0 or later.
  2. Android™ 5.0 Lollipop or later.


  • Wireless LAN connection is necessary.
  • For compatible models without built-in wireless LAN feature, optional wireless LAN adaptor CZ-TACG1 is required.
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