True Comfort is just a Touch Away

Equipped with the Automatic Intelligence to switch between fan speeds,
iAUTO gives you up to 15%* faster cooling at start up with consistent airflow
and automatic fan speed.

1. Fast Cooling at Start Up

At start up, iAUTO will run at super high fan speed to cool
the room faster, 15% faster for cooler comfort.

2. Maintain Cooling Comfort

Once the room cools down, iAUTO provides constant cool airflow to maintain a comfortable level of relative humidity, to stay cool and comfortable all day long.

3. Automatic Fan Speed

iAUTO automatically switches fan speed to high and super high fan speed depending on the temperature difference between the room and the set temperature.

Room Temperature Line graph

Sine Wave Drive

iAUTO utilises high efficient Sine Wave DC motor to realise
both powerful cooling and energy saving.

Sine Wave Drive

Advantages of Sine Wave

1. Efficiency Up Even at High Rotational Speed
Per Minute (RPM)

Reduced current distortion enables fan motor to start faster, run cooler and perform more efficiently even while running at super high fan speed to help reduce power consumption.

2. Stable Operation

Sine Wave regulates power voltage that is identical to power supplied, ensuring consistent performance and stable operation.

3. Low Vibration

Motor loads runs smoother with low vibrations resulting in quieter operation.

[Advantages of Sine Wave]

Quality Control Through Simulated Laboratory Test

Panasonic carried out testing at our own Environmental Testing Room which simulates a standard living room condition. This makes it possible to ensure air conditioner operates at optimum performance level under varying conditions. Testing is done in a large space of 16.6m² to simulate size of actual living room. Indoor temperature is measured using 150 sensors to get the average room temperature. This ensures accuracy of indoor temperature data.

Quality Control Through Simulated Laboratory Test

*15% Faster Cooling

* Comparison of 1.5HP Deluxe non-Inverter model with iAUTO
mode and cooling mode

[iAUTO Mode]
iAUTO Mode, Outside Temperature: 35°C /24°C
Remote setting temperature: 25°C with Fan Speed: Auto
Horizontal Airflow direction: Middle, Vertical Airflow direction: Straight

[Cooling Mode with High Fan]
COOL Mode, Outside Temperature: 35°C /24°C
Remote setting temperature : 25°C with Fan Speed High
Horizontal Airflow direction: Middle, Vertical Airflow direction: Straight

The cooling speed was calculated by measuring the time to reach
the setting temperature. At Panasonic Amenity Room (size: 16.6m²)
The effect differs according to conditions in installation and usage.