Panasonic’s nanoe™ Technology is
a Revolutionary Air Purification System

Panasonic’s nanoe™Technology is deodorises, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses; and is effective in dust removal to create a fresher and cleaner living environment.

Only Panasonic

nanoe™ X deodorises odours that cause uneasiness, so you can enjoy a more pleasant living space.

Inhibits Bacteria & Viruses

nanoe™ X inhibits growth of allergens, bacteria and viruses in your home, maintaining a cleaner home for your children.

Dust Removal

nanoe-G effectively removes dust particles as small as PM2.5. Purify your living environment for better breathing.


What is nanoe™ Technology?



nanoe™ X contains 10X times*1 more OH radicals.


nanoe-G releases negative ions to capture airborne particles in the air.


Its effectiveness on bacteria, viruses and odour compounds inhibition.


Outstanding effects in bacteria, viruses and allergens inhibition as well as deodorisations.


Releases 3 trillion negative ions to remove airborne dust particles as small as PM2.5 and adhesive bacteria and viruses.

How nanoe™ X is Generated

The latest nanoe™ X device uses a "multi-leader discharge" system that focuses the discharge to 4 needle-shaped electrodes, greatly expanding the OH radicals generating area to produce 10x times more OH radicals, and thus significantly enhances its performance.

How nanoe™ X is generated
How nanoe™ X is generated

Atomised electrode produces condensation.

How nanoe™ X is generated

High voltage is applied to water condensed from the atmosphere.

How nanoe™ X is generated

nanoe™ X is generated.

How nanoe-G is Generated

nanoe-G generators produces 3 trillion negative ions from the atomised electrode. Then, natural ion wind spreads the negative ions that are released from the nanoe-G generator to attach to airborne dust particles.

How nanoe™ X is generated
How nanoe-G is generated

nanoe-G generator releases 3 trillion nanoe-G negative ions.

How nanoe-G is generated

nanoe-G negative ions spread to the filter using natural ion wind.

SKY Series also features an additional DUST SENSOR, which constantly monitors air quality and automatically activates nanoe™ Technology when a high level of dust particle concentration is detected.

Dust Sensor for nanoe-G Dust Sensor for nanoe-G

Purifies when Cooling is OFF

Turn on for nanoe™ mode to continue purifying and deodorising your home while you’re away.

Comparison between
nanoe™, nanoe™X, nanoe-G

Comparison between nanoe™, nanoe™X, nanoe-G

*1 Comparison of 4.8 trillion OH radicals per second in nanoeTM X with 480 billion OH radicals per second in nanoeTM. Measured using the ESR method (based on our survey)
* Actual effect differs according to room condition and the way of use. nanoe™ and nanoe™ X have a function to inhibit activity or growth of viruses, etc. but do not assure infection prevention.